I’m a restaurant manager, will this book help me?

Absolutely.  This book contains the best techniques I have learned from working with several hundred servers.  This book will help give you the knowledge derived from over a decade in serving and allow you to explain it to your staff in a way that is effective and relevant.  You may not have the best serving resume and it might have been a while since you wore an apron.  This book is the great equalizer.  This is information that comes directly from an exceptional server that you can pass on to your staff.  The techniques in this book provide the credibility of a highly experienced server to your guidance.  This carries far more weight than another memo from corporate in the eyes of servers.  Your credibility will grow with your staff as you can provide effective solutions to the problems your servers bring you.

More importantly, this book contains techniques that will increase your server’s sales.  This will increase the sales of your restaurant and lead to more highly satisfied guests.  You can take the credit for helping this occur.  Your team’s sales efforts might be the key to standing out when that next opportunity for advancement presents itself.  Increasing sales means making bonuses and increasing your income.  Having this information will yield tremendous dividends immediately and for the duration of your management career.