I’ve been a server for years, will this book help me?

Absolutely.  No one has perfected serving yet.  We all have more that we can learn about how to give better service and improve our tips.  As a professional, you know that the value of one good technique will far outweigh the price of this book.  More importantly, this book will give you cause to address your fundamentals as well.  Even Major League Baseball players take batting practice.  NBA players still practice free throws.  This book contains advanced sales and service techniques, but it also addresses the fundamentals. 

Whether you are learning this information for the first time or just re-evaluating your fundamentals, it will help improve your income.  I can speak from firsthand experience on this subject.  I wrote the book which means that I was aware of all of the techniques it contains.  I have witnessed my income increase considerably since I have begun the writing process.  This is because I forced myself to think about fundamentals that I had let slide and how to apply these sales techniques to a wider range of menu items.  It is not simply about knowing the information, but also putting it into practice.  If this book improved my income, I feel confident that it can do the same for you.