I hate selling. This isn’t another book about how to sell tables things they don’t want is it?

The reason most servers hate selling is because they are doing it the wrong way for the wrong reasons.  We all sell things every day.  When you recommend a restaurant or a new CD to a friend, you are selling.  What this book does is teach you the right way to sell and more importantly the right reason to sell.  When you recommend the best food (not just the most expensive) to your guests, they appreciate it and buy.  You will never successfully sell as a server if you are doing it just to convince your guests to spend more.  When you learn to recommend the food you like in a way that your guests will trust, you will have grateful guests that will reward you.  That is not sales, that is being honest and reaping the benefits.  This book will teach you to sell the right way, for the right reasons, and make you enjoy selling.