Table of Contents

Foreword: About This Book
Section One: Before Your Shift
1 Be Dressed
2 Be Equipped
3 Be the Expert
4 Be Optimistic
5 Be Early
6 Be There
Section Two: Starting Your Shift
7 Getting Set for Success
8 Polishing Your Section
9 Knowing Your Team
10 Walking the Circuit
Section Three: Interacting with Your Guests
11 Be Your “First Date” Self
12 Be Quick, but Don’t Hurry
13 Fewer is Better
14 Don’t Be “The Server”
15 Ask Better Questions
16 How to Apologize
Section Four: The Mechanics of Serving
17 The Key to Prioritizing
18 Table Maintenance
19 Pacing Your Courses
20 The Dreaded Double/Triple
Section Five: Selling and Serving Wine
21 Pairing Wine with Guests
22 Wine Descriptions that Sell
23 Selling the Bottle
24 Expert Wine Service
Section Six: The Pitch
25 The Value of the Pitch
26 Back to Front
27 Know What to Sell
28 Words that Kill Sales
29 Words that Sell
Section Seven: The Key Times
30 The Greeting
31 Taking the Order
32 The Checkback
33 The Departure
Section Eight: Selling As a Server
34 In Defense of Selling As a Server
35 Selling the Specialty
36 Selling the Restaurant
37 Selling Away and Selling Up
38 Selling Desserts
39 Selling in Pairs and Trios
40 The Power of Assumption
41 Creating Repeat Guests
Section Nine: Special Guests
42 The Young Family
43 Solo Diners
44 Business Diners
45 Seniors
46 Repeat Guests
47 The Problem Guest
Section Ten: The Intangibles
48 Dealing with Managers
49 Dealing with Hosts/ Hostesses
50 Dealing with Bartenders
51 Dealing with the Back of the House
52 Dealing with Intoxicated Guests
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