Are you interested in writing a story or blog post about this book?

Would you like to interview me for your radio or television show?

Have I mentioned that it is exceptional how your shirt both brings out your eyes and makes you look incredibly fit?

I am always happy to speak on matters regarding restaurants, customer service, dining, and the life of a server.  I am well versed on a variety of topics related to restaurants and would be happy to share a few potential story ideas that your audience will enjoy.  Before we get to all of that, you might want to know what it is that makes me someone worth talking to.  Writing a book does not necessary mean that you are a fascinating interview.  Making a living for 16 years by conversing with the general public on a daily basis does require you being somewhat witty and able to think on your feet.  Writing 250 blog posts a year across six different restaurant themed websites means that there are probably not too many topics that will stump me.  Think you have one?  Let’s schedule an interview and you can try.

Enough with the witty banter.  I want to make it easy for you to write or pitch this idea.  In order to make it as easy as possible, I have compiled a number of relevant background pieces of information.  Gather what you need and relax.  Would you like a cold beverage?  Play some Angry Birds.  You deserve a little relaxation after finding such a great story to cover.

About David Hayden (with some great quote from other people who have written about me)

About Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips

About The Hospitality Formula Network

About Hospitality Formula Consulting

Interesting statistics about waiters/waitresses

A copy of my birth certificate

Does your story need pictures?  I even have those for you. (if you click them, they get bigger)

Book Cover

Me carrying an impressively large tray of drinks without spilling any while walking at a 45 degree angle

Server at work

Outside of work while pretending not to be on a photo shoot

Isn’t this the face of a guy you would like to interview

You can even use this picture before it is on the cover of “Prematurely Grey Haired Waiter Who Don’t Like Having Their Picture Taken Quarterly”

Seriously, you go to all sorts of media info pages, but have you ever been to one this funny?  You have?  Well then I suppose it is best to keep in mind that if this whole writing thing doesn’t take off I might just be the guy serving your next meal.  Then you will have to look at me and think, “I could have run a great story about this guy, but instead we did a story about the animal shelter and that cat ruined the carpet.”  You will feel pretty foolish at that point won’t you?

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