Some co-workers and I on one of many post shift meals at JJ’s



The tragedy that struck the staff of JJ’s is truly heartbreaking for the industry as a whole.  The idea that on any given shift your world could be completely turned upside down, really struck a chord with many of us.  As a long-time server in Kansas City, this hit particularly close to home.   This book was finished about 4 blocks from the restaurant,  The blogs were all started listening to the construction on the building across the street.  When the news broke at our restaurant last night, the chef and a fellow server were glued to the screen.  They had both worked at JJ’s.

This wasn’t just some restaurant.  JJ’s was an institution.  Not only did it have a great history, but the food was exceptional and the wine list was without peers.  The staff was seasoned and polished.  Being able to put JJ’s on your resume commanded respect at any restaurant in town.  It was well-known as the place where visiting celebrities could be found, but late at night it was also a common gathering spot for restaurant professionals.

This could have been any of our restaurants.  They could have been any of us.  Right now, it is time for us to embrace and support our own.  These are our sisters and brothers in the industry.  They have fallen on some hard times through no fault of their own.  I can only imagine what this is like for them.  They are going to need new jobs and a group of people is working to make sure that happens.  I don’t think anyone would expect that they would be ready to go back to work tomorrow.  In the meantime, a fund has been set up to help give them a little cushion.  I want to encourage you to do what you can to help out.  I am also wanting to provide a “thank you” gift for helping them out.

If you are willing to give to help them, I want to give you something back.  At the bottom of this page, you will find a button to buy a copy of Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips for $12.75.  For every copy ordered through this link $10.00 will be donated to the JJ’s employee fund.  The other $2.75 will go to the USPS for the exact price of shipping.  The production costs of the book are on me.  This is my way of saying thank you for your generosity.

If you want to know more about the book, the rest of this website is all about it.  This page and this offer is about us.  Some great members of our community are facing some challenges we all hope we would never have to face.  This is one little way we can all show that we support them.  Please take a moment to consider donating to help out the staff of JJ’s