The author of the very popular serving blog “Do You Do That At Home?” provides these very kind words about the book: 

“As a long time reader of Tips for Tips and The Hospitality Formula Network I know what David would do.  By using his techniques I’ve learned to upsell, with sincerity, to the benefit of my guests.  The techniques Mr. Hayden outlines in his book are so awesome guests won’t even think of it as upselling, but rather having something they forgot they wanted.  Yes, in the end this means more money for you, but isn’t that what it’s all about. ”

The book is not the advice of someone who has been waiting tables for a couple of years; it is the successful every day methods perfected by a 15 year veteran of the food service industry.  Chapters include everything from the essentials such as looking your best and being early (yes, it seems self evident, but trust me, it isn’t) to dealing with problem customers and/or managers.  All servers will face one unhappy person (and depending on where you work, it might be one per hour) so knowing how to treat that guest will not only help you keep your job (if you want it), but also allow you to keep control of the situation and defuse it.

Best of all you will learn to be a knowledgable professional rather than someone who brings people their food.  This book will change your life.  Really.  I’m not lying.”

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