The author of These American Servers, Joe Sixtop, provides this glowing review of the book:

     “David instructs how to deal with different kinds of customers in different situations; those in a hurry, celebrating their anniversary, “problem” guests, et cetera. What he says about waiting on business people who’ve just nailed down a big deal will, by itself, net you more Benjamins than if you were a sensimillia dealer at Bonnaroo.
     Everyone involved in the restaurant business can benefit from “Tips².” I’ve been waiting tables for a couple of decades and I got a lot out of reading it. If you run an independent restaurant, unburdeded by the advantage of company-mandated corporate training materials, you should buy several copies of this invaluable resource for your staff. It’ll undoubtedly make your store better and everybody more money.
     David’s got a little humor for ya too. After describing one particularly clever sales gambit, Mr. Hayden asks, “Don’t you wish you had a table to try this out on right now?” And even though my enthusiasm for waiting tables is at kind of a low ebb these days, right then I did wish I had a table to try it out on!”

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